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Nothing sane
Last time
I don't want be star in Hollywood
We are so brittle
Eesti Nokia on viin


(demol "Nothing sane")

don't look in my heart now
don't look in my naked within 
don't look in my heart now
there's nothing you hope to see

chorus: there's no pain that you hope you caused, and no blame
you think you deserve even rage 
no despair, no curses, no revenge 
in my heart you can see nothing sane

don't look in my heart now 
there's nothing you could to explain 
don't look in my heart now 
there's nothing to take by sane

m: Ints / s: Skin

(demol "Nothing sane", kogumikul 'Mätta fond III')

running down by stairs of storehouse 
pushing fast ahead in grey crowd 
discending into dirty subway 
need some other place to meet the day

skyscraper's roof 
I saw the wood 
I saw the ocean 
and mountains too

can't you find the river 
can't you find the stream 
can't you find the river 
but the river can carry you simple away

running by the forest by the field 
looking for the river once seen in dream 
it must be must be somewhere near 
and soon and soon shore must appear

skyscrapers roof
I saw the doom 
I saw the chaos 
and non-existence too

m: Ints / s: Skin

(demol "99", kogumikel 'Mätta fond 2', 'Punk on surn'd III')

I'm 99 
I'm doing what I want 
I drink and smoke 
& little joke 
& I say sun goes high today

I'm 99 
all my friends are dead 
I'm still alive 
I know what's right 
I try to live till eyes go blind

chorus: and I will celebrate 
keep challallaa 
until it's twelve o'clock 
so far, so far 
go on! go on! 
I always will go on

I'm 99 
new century will come soon 
I know what's right, 
find something new 
I'm so cool all I eve do

chorus …when eyes go blind 
I fly away 
still challallaa 
go on! go on! 
I always will 
and I will celebrate my life 


(demol "Nothing sane", kogumikul 'Punk on surn'd IV')

seems I have to go, I have to go to and… 
seems I have to know, I have to know that it's… 
seems it must be truth, it must be truth, but I… 
seems I have to grow, I have to grow to get you-uu-u-uu

my only friend, why are you angry to me 
I'm not happy now, why did you say, it's last time

why I'm so blind, why I'm so blind in my mind 
you were so kind, you were so kind in my mind 
now no more shine, now no more shine in my mind 
I will cry, I will cry without you


(demol "99", kogumikul 'Punk on surn'd III')

you were one for me 
in this big, big world 
I thought it's always will be 
gut when I saw her

I can use the words :"I'll always love you!" 
but somebody looks like you, she's really looks like you

chorus: she's like you, she's so good
what tomorrow will I do? 
I love you, you are so good 
I can't choose, you're pretty 2

I don't know what to do 
you said I must choose 
but I like you both 
you're pretty 2


(demol "99", kogumikul 'Punk on surn'd III')

I don't want to be star in Hollywood 
I'm not satisfied 
I don't care about this "gloryland" 
I'm star in my mind

I don't think stars are nice and good 
some of them are cold 
they're highness is so low and fool 
they're hypnotised of gold

it isn't cool

Chorus: but when I watch TV
I can do there anything 
I don't want to be the king 
it's so crazy mystery

it makes me wanna be 
there the stars are near the land 
and makes my in my mind 
to the star näo

what's the difference between them 'n' us 
I don't understand 
they're not gods - disappear is not disgust 
I don't care about

this commercial shit and businessman - 
who and what they are 
I got simple minds, I'm little man 
although I ain't got car 
I'm the star 



we are so brittle 
we're living in dreams 
dreams can to glitter 
but truth it isn't sweet

dreams can to glitter 
but closest can hurt 
times can get bitter 
of darling words

cause triffle of unfortune 
we can feel the shame 
failures can torture 
like hell fire's flame 
but hope on your eyes 
and faith in your ears 
again we can rise 
from ocean of tears

m: Ints / s: Skin


Ma lürbin lahjat õhku kui suppi 
Ja joonistan seinale kolm internetti 
Kes söövad kalu ja närivad katki 
Kolm porgandit kes karjuvad appi,

mis siis, mis siis, 
Eesti Nokia on viin

Lahja õlu tuleb siis ruttu 
Hüüab kõigile - tõmmake uttu 
Udu seest hüüab segane siil 
- Eesti Nokia on viin

siilipoiss lendab rõõmsalt nüüd ringi 
pudeli sees elab 30 džinni 
uusim esteetika kõlab neil nii: 
5x5 on 65

mis siis, mis siis, 
Eesti Nokia on viin

(sul on õigus, siilionu)

08.september 1999.a




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