Tere Perestroika 7" -EP Stupido 001, Finland 1989
Kylmälle Maalle (To the Cold Country) LP TWIN 1, Finland 1989
Külmale maale MC Kuldnokk, Estonia 1989
Pieni Mies, Iso Tuoppi (A Tiny Man, A Large Pint) 7"-EP Stupido 007, Finland 1990
Savist Saar (Isle of Clay ) 12" EP Stupido 015, Finland 1991
Maailmalopp koju kätte 7" -EP Stupido 025, Finland 1993
Gringode Kultuur (Culture of the Gringos) LP/CD TWINLP 13/TWINCD 13, Finland 1993
Gringode kultuur MC Aarne Valmis, Estonia 1993
Külmale Maale -re-issue- CD TWINCD 1, Finland 1993
Gringode Kultuur CD Cuacha Records, Germany 1994
Sputniks In Pectopah CD TWINCD 27, Finland 1995
Sputniks In Pectopah CD Cuacha Records, Germany 1995
Sputniks In Pectopah MC Villu Tamme, Estonia 1996
Rumal nali 1986-1989 MC Fucking Cunt Records, Estonia 1996
Jäneste Invasioon (The Invasion of the Rabbits) CD TWINCD 31, Finland 1996
Jäneste invasioon MC Georg Scherer Systems, Estonia 1996
Totally Estoned - The Best Of J.M.K.E CD Tug Records, TUG 063, Germany 1997
Külmale maale -re-issue- MC Georg Scherer Systems, Estonia 1999

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J.M.K.E. - Külmale maale
"Külmale maale"

J.M.K.E. - Gringode kultuur
"Gringode kultuur"

J.M.K.E. - Jäneste invasioon
"Jäneste invasioon"

J.M.K.E. - Rumal nali
"Rumal nali"

J.M.K.E. - Sputniks in Pectopah
"Sputniks in Pectopah"

J.M.K.E. - Totally Estoned
"Totally Estoned"


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