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Where`s Your Brain?
Homo Sex Rules - All Cops Are Fags

Where`s Your Brain?

You only think about of getting drunk
You booze away your salary in a day
And then you live on the others backs
`til payday comes and you get drunk again
Where`s your brain, use your mind
What will become of you, do you know?
You`re a burden on other people`s neck
But you don`t understand it - you softbrain ... brainwashed mind

Homo Sex Rules - All Cops Are Fags

Half of the people are fags
If you don`t believe me just take a look around
There`s always one in every corner
Who`d like to fuck you in your ass
Homo sex rules - disgusting
Homo sex rules - obscene
Homo sex rules - perverse
Homo sex rules - ööö...
High positions dealed by what?
Are you fag or not?
No hope for brighter future
Unless you won`t let yourself get fucked
All cops they`re fags too
Looking for a reason to fuck you
You have got no choice
You`ll have to accept - homo sex rules


You slinking all days in the streets and
Looking for the fuckin` victim
If you find him your eyes will be burning
Feel like comeing younger hundred years
Murderer - fuck off you asshole
Murderer - you fucking cunt
Murderer you abnormal-brainwashed mind
I hate assholes just like you
It would be better if you`ll be killed
It would be better to all mankind


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